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Convert your old VHS tapes to DVD
Why transfer your video tapes to DVD?
Over time, Videotapes will deteriorate. The magnetic particles that make up your precious memories are constantly being eroded through a combination of heat and humidity or
through improper handling and storage. All of these conditions place a heavy toll on the condition of your VHS tapes.

However, by converting that old footage now into a digital format, you can stop this decay, and with our remastering service, actually improve the quality of the picture and
sound of your tapes
How do I remaster your old footage?

I start by capturing your footage using Time Base Correction.
This is a process that removes any jitters from fluctuating video signals to deliver a stable picture even with older tapes.

How much does it cost?
1. A basic transfer of your vhs tape to dvd will cost £10. This will have a menu/chapters and be presented in a plastic sleeve.
2. For that special occasion, your dvd will be presented in it's own bespoke case with artwork/imagery taken from the actual footage. The cost of this DVD will be £15